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Lend A hand Across America raises funds and clothing from various clothing collection organizations. It is through their generous donations that we are able to contribute to different charities throughout the year. A majority of our  cash donations were donated to organizations assisting families living in poverty.

We also receive generous amounts of used clothing, shoes and household items from time to time. These items are put to good use and donated to a great organization assisting the homeless of the Chicago south side F.C.H.N. (Feed, Clothe, and Help the Needy - http://www.fchnprogram.org) which is the main homeless shelter we work with. They actually setup a soup kitchen and hand out clothes to the homeless weekly!


Thank you for your support!

You can help clothe and feed the needy yourself and if you are too pressed for time as many of us are these days, we will come to your door and accept your donation for the many needy people who would greatly benefit from your generosity.
To get involved with our used clothing door to door donation program please contact us at:

A list of things we accept are:

       • Any form of clothing
       • House hold linens
       • Shoes and footwear
       • Books
       • Hats and headwear

Thank you for your kindness
and generosity.
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