Mission Statement

LEND A HAND ACROSS AMERICA is 501C-3 licensed charity. Lend A Hand Across America’s Mission is to try to make a difference in the ever present reality that there is many people in America living in poverty and with no place to live and little food. The most recent US Census estimates that some 36 million Americans live in poverty and 744,000 homeless in 2006.  

LHAA's goal was to start on a local level and make local efforts to help people who have fallen on hard times. Even though America is the land of opportunity many people in this country have become stuck in a bad place and see no way out and we think that we can help them.  

L.H.A.A. teams up with local charities with similar ideas in mind and through group efforts and pulling each others resources can make a big difference in helping the less fortunate. L.H.A.A helps fund and run local soup kitchens and supplies used clothing that is given out to local homeless. L.H.A.A is constantly looking for new ways and programs to help the impoverished in America.

Together we can make a difference.

You can help clothe and feed the needy yourself and if you are too pressed for time as many of us are these days, we will come to your door and accept your donation for the many needy people who would greatly benefit from your generosity.
To get involved with our used clothing door to door donation program please contact us at:

A list of things we accept are:

       • Any form of clothing
       • House hold linens
       • Shoes and footwear
       • Books
       • Hats and headwear

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
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